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For over 15 years, Bella Stone Countertops been helping Lemoore CA homeowners get the very best in stone slabs for countertops, backsplashes, and more for both interior remodeling and outdoor construction. Our experience allows us not only to fabricate countertops for our clients but also to install even the most complicated custom countertop designs, including plumbing and electrical work.

Quality Countertops in Lemoore CA

  • We welcome new and unique counter designs, and our countertop experts are happy to consult with our clients to make their remodeling or construction dreams come true!
  • Our close relationships with natural stone slab suppliers allows us to source the very best in stone for all your remodeling needs, and we can cut them into any custom shape.
  • Our number one goal is complete customer satisfaction, so we follow our client’s lead on every project.

Enjoy Scenic Lemoore CA

Located in Kings County in the San Joaquin Valley area of California, Lemoore is a growing town with a population of almost 30,000 as of 2020, up from 24,000 a decade earlier. The city was named after French settler Dr Lovern Lee Moore, who settled on the shore of Tulare Lake in 1871. The lake receded over the years, revealing very rich soil, which local settlers took advantage of, and the area became an important producer of many agricultural products early on. Dr Lee More brought together the farming families in the area to form the town, getting a postal office and surveying the land for development. In 1877, the railroad came through nearby Hanford, and the community continued to grow. The US military opened the Lemoore Army Air Field in 1941, which brought even more development to the town. Today, what is now Naval Air Station Lemoore is a major jet base.

Today, Lemoore is still a center for commerce and culture for farmers in the greater San Joaquin Valley as well as a notable place to visit for tourists looking to get out of the city. It has lots of historical sites like the Sarah Mooney Memorial Museum, beautiful public parks to enjoy, as well as fun things like the Lemoore Labyrinth and Hidden Valley Park. No matter what you live to do, there’s a lot to enjoy in Lemoore California!

Granite Counter FAQs for Lemoore CA Homeowners

When it’s time to get new granite countertops, whether that’s a remodel of a beloved home or a brand new construction you get to make just how you like, you need a countertop company who’s trusted to source the best stone and fabricate counters perfectly.

Bella Stone Countertops has become the leaders in custom countertops in Lemoore CA and other San Joaquin Valley communities, and we’re happy to create the granite counters of our customer’s dreams.

Granite Counter FAQs

Homeowners need to understand their options to choose the right counters for their kitchen or bathroom, so let’s get into some of the most common questions about granite counters.

How do I recognize natural granite stone among all the other countertop stone options?

When choosing your new custom countertops, it can be hard to pick out real granite from advanced engineered stone slabs or other natural stone slabs, but granite has some unique properties. This stone is made out of mostly feldspar and quartz with other minerals like mica adding sparkle and color, which can range from pure white or black to vibrant reds, greens, and even sometimes blue. Unlike the veining in marble, granite has a mixed color with spots of different colors throughout and visible crystals.

What are the benefits of granite countertops?

  • Granite is a very hard stone, so it can stand up to wear and tear
  • As it’s natural and nonreactive to sunlight, it is good for outdoor spaces
  • Beautiful sparkle and color combinations, timeless design
  • A surprisingly large amount of color choices

What should I be aware of when choosing granite counters?

Granite is a porous material, meaning it has tiny holes and fissures where water and bacteria can collect if the stone isn’t sealed. Though professional countertop installers will often seal stone slabs before installation, they do need to be resealed periodically. It’s also important to bring in professionals if your granite countertops suffer from chips or cracks, as DIY repairs aren’t recommended.

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