Best Custom Countertops in Reedley CA

In Reedley California, Bella Stone Countertops is the trusted natural and engineered stone supplier for home interior projects because of our years of experience and wide variety of countertop materials, including both natural stone like granite and engineered stone like quartz. We’re also the leaders in custom countertop design and installation, including plumbing and electrical work, making us the one stop shop for remodeling projects in California.

Quality Custom Countertops in Reedley CA

  • Our trained and licensed home remodeling contractors have decades of combined experience with countertop fabrication and installation, and we’re also capable of installing plumbing and performing electrical work.
  • We can find the perfect countertops for your new kitchen or bathroom because we have access to a wide variety of natural stone slabs and engineered stone countertop materials.
  • During the design process, we let our clients lead, thinking outside the box to make their interior design ideas a reality.

Explore Reedley CA

One of the charming towns in the San Joaquin Valley of California, Reedley is only 22 miles east of Fresno, and it had a population of just under 25,000 in 2010, according to the US Census Bureau. The town is named for local Civil War veteran Thomas Law Reed, who helped found the town by donating land in the late 1800s, seeking to grow wheat for the growing population of California gold miners. Because of its strong agricultural economy specializing in fruits and vegetables, the town has been dubbed “The World’s Fruit Basket”. They celebrate this local agricultural economy with the annual Electrical Farm Equipment Parade, as well as the fun annual Reedley Fiesta.

There is a charming mix of historical and modern buildings in Reedley. The Jansen Opera House, built a decade before the town’s official founding in 1903, is a brick building that has been a community and cultural center for over a century. The Reedley National Bank building downtown is also over a hundred years old. Both these historic places are great places to visit, and the Reedley Museum can also give context. There’s also local farms open to the public like Hillcrest Tree Farm, which has a fun railway and a corn maze. There’s a lot of this kind of family fun to enjoy in scenic Reedley California!

How to Choose White Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops look great in a modern kitchen, bathroom, or even a retail space, but it can be hard to choose just the right countertop material. Who knew there were so many different textures, edge designs, or slightly different shades of white? California property owners and remodeling experts don’t need to worry, the quartz countertop experts at Bella Stone Countertops are here to help.

Things to Know When Choosing White Quartz Countertops

First of all, it’s important to know that when talking about countertops, “quartz” means a man-made or engineered stone that contains fine crystals of quartz suspended in special resins, not a slab of pure natural stone.

The crushed natural quartz stone gives the countertop material strength and a characteristic sparkle that makes quartz such a prized material for counters. The resins mean that you can get quartz counters in any color you want. It’s especially good for white countertops because quartz stone is generally white or clear.

White quartz countertops are a good choice because the composition of the countertop material produces an even pattern within the stone instead of the color and texture variations seen in granite or marble.

Trust Bella Stone for the Best White Quartz Countertops in California

Not only are the counter specialists at Bella Stone Countertops experts in cutting and fabricating counters into any shape you want, they can source a myriad of colors and finishes for your remodeling project. With access to quality quartz slab manufacturers like Silestone, Ceasarstone, and Cambria, they can help you choose white quartz countertops that will look perfect in your new space.

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